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To receive file service, you must purchase a membership and package.

You do not need to pay again. However, you can benefit from Ecu and Modules in Davinci Support List. You can perform all transactions on the Davinci list for free. If you want to have other modules, you should pay the price difference.

Create an Account, Buy Module, Upload Your File, Download Your File.

Paypal does not provide service in our country. Paypal has stopped its services in our country since 2016. You can make your payments by credit card or debit card. You can make a bank transfer. Swiftec or WesternUnion You can also make payments on our website

Sales Agreement -The accounts we activate on our site belong to you. -It is prohibited to transfer it to anyone else or use it by third parties without our permission. -It is the customer's responsibility to send the correct file by selecting the correct ecu numbers. -Files sent without making the correct selection will not be detected by bots, so your file may not be completed. The hexremover system cannot be held responsible for this error. -Insistently requesting files from parts to which you do not have a subscription will reduce your file rights. -For your urgent needs, you can request service from sections that you do not have a subscription to. We will try to help you with this. -If you want to change your subscription, you can upgrade to the higher subscription by just paying the difference. There are no refunds for sub-subscriptions. However, your number of sub-subscription file submissions will be increased. -If you notify us in case of a break in your business, we can freeze your account. In this way, your subscription will not be wasted in your free time. -Subscription period is 1 year from the date of purchase. -Subscription fees are annual. For a full subscription, the annual fee is 50% of the subscription fee. Return / Exchange Conditions Our terms and conditions regarding the subscriptions you receive from our site or our Autobeyin site; -Once you start receiving file service, no refunds can be provided. -There are no refunds once the software is activated anywhere in the world. -Refund is only valid for our customers who purchased service but did not receive file service. -If you want to change your subscription, you can switch to another subscription. Your subscription period does not change. Hexremover; It reserves the right to add and change items if necessary.